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Assessing the Impact of Online Gambling Inquiry

Inquiry Terms of Reference



The newly formed Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group (GRH APPG) has previously announced that it will be undertaking an inquiry into the harms caused by online gambling and looking at remedies and recommendations to address these.

Scope of the inquiry

This inquiry will examine the full impact of online gambling, the addictive and potentially harmful nature of some of the products on offer and their effect on the vulnerable, in particular, children.

This inquiry will also explore the effectiveness of age and identity verification mechanisms as well as efficacy of self-exclusion schemes and current provisions for problem and at-risk gamblers.

Amongst other areas, The Group will also look at the use of credit cards online, difficulties in withdrawal of funds from online accounts, the impact of the current level of stakes and prizes online, and social media and the impact of advertising.

The APPG is seeking written submissions that address the following issues:

  • What are the potential links between online gambling and harmful gambling?
  • Should there be restrictions on the amount individuals can spend on online gambling in a session?
  • What are the effects of the current fund deposit and withdrawal process on problem or at-risk gamblers?
  • Are the self-exclusion provisions currently available to problem and at-risk gamblers sufficient?
  • Should there be stronger measures to verify age and identity of online gambling customers?
  • What are the policy measures Government can put in place to better protect individuals from gambling harm online?
  • Should the Government review the current stake and prizes level online?
  • Does the regulator have sufficient powers to protect individuals from gambling harm online?
  • Are remote gaming and betting companies doing enough to protect at-risk or problem gamblers from harm?
  • What is the impact of social media and online advertising on the amount customers spend online gambling?
  • What are the effects of in-game spending, such as loot boxes, particularly on children, and does it need stronger monitoring or regulation?
  • Should the use of credit cards to gamble online be restricted?
  • Are new measures needed to better protect children from gambling harm?

The GRH APPG invites written evidence from the public, organisations, industry bodies and academics, on the terms of reference by 14th March 2019.

To submit written evidence, please contact the secretariat for the Group: Tosin Adedayo  E:

Each submission should be in Word format and include a contact name, organisation name, contact email address and telephone number.

The Group will announce its oral evidence sessions, shortly. If you would like to appear before the group, please contact the group secretariat by 27th February 2019 .